Let Us Help You Select The Best Gas Grill in 2016!

When the warm weather arrives grows the desire to meet with friends and, organize a barbecue, using a portable grill that you can place in the garden or bring it in any other open space.

There are multiple grill models, from those fed with the traditional charcoal to those advanced ones with gas. Precisely on the latter, we have focused our attention on achieving this buying guide to help you choose the product that will meet your needs.


Firing monitoring

The gas barbecue is characterized by a relatively high number of models, and all the top brands will offer different sizes, so as to meet every need of space and portability. Just from this point of view the equipment powered by a gas cylinder, for example, compared to those that need the electricity, ensure a higher comfort use, since you can place them where your terms, without the constraint of an outlet nearby.

One of the advantages of the gas grill is represented by both its ease of use is the ability to adjust the intensity of the heat of the plate, so as to adapt it to the type of food and cooking it needs.

Another added value of this device, especially when compared with traditional models in charcoal, is that its use will cause a very limited production of smoke. This way you can use it for total security and peace without causing any discomfort to those who are located in the vicinity (e.g., the neighbors, who mostly tend to complain about everything).


What kind of gas?

In the ranking of the assessments that you must make before choosing a gas barbecue, it is just the gas, which is the substance that will fuel the flame that allows cooking on the grill. Natural gas or LPG power the models of the best brands. It is a choice that impacts so rather sharp on the type of device that you’ll find to buy.

The LPG models, in fact, are usually those with smaller dimensions, designed to be transported because the gas is contained in little bulky cylinders. The cons of this choice are related to the fact that the cylinders are exhausted quickly, and therefore it is always better to have a spare, and another con is that their cost is high compared to that of methane.

Methane is the second option but is not supplied in replaceable cylinders, therefore, this type of barbecue only works connected to the home network, then it is not transportable models. But no need to worry that you will run out of gas, and its cost is much cheaper.


Quality and Price

The wide range of products of this type highlights, even when comparing the sales prices, how to find the right gas BBQ depends on your spending capacity.

Many factors affect the cost, starting from the materials with which the product is made: as regards the structure you go from stainless steel to iron. Stainless steel is alongside the ceramics are one of the expensive models.

Even the size of the surface on which to place the food and the number of burners, which allow a more precise regulation of heat, they end up affecting how much you’ll pay. The larger the grill, the greater the number of friends that you invite and can cook succulent ribs.

Best BBQ in 2016

Ready to usher in the home garden inviting friends and relatives to the most grilling summer? Properly cooked foods have a more succulent flavor when served with cheerfulness and good humor of the time spent together with loved ones.

We’ve selected the best barbecue sold online considering the primary and the most exciting features all the models had to offer. For our research, we also looked at sites like Reviews By Expert to get expert opinions as well.

Weber Q 1200

Stylish and practical, that is how the gas barbecue proposed by Weber is, made for happy campers or outdoor grilling enthusiasts.

The design is attractive, either because of the bright green color or because of the rounded shape that can better optimize the space, so that cooking such as the one on which to rest the dishes.

It has retractable fins, so when you’ve finished using it comes together in a safe form that takes up little space, which in a way protects the plates from dust. Although, it is always recommended to keep it in a sheltered place when not in use.

Yes, it is also easy to move from one part of the house if you prefer to use it on the patio taking advantage of the beautiful days, or to take camping without taking up too much space in the car or the camp. It is a model designed to be placed directly on a tabletop and has sufficiently long legs to get user’s height. The weight is on average a little, less than 15 pounds and compatible cartridges are those small typical camping, although you can request specific nozzles to change for other gas.

The outcome of a good barbecue relies heavily on the type of equipment you choose. It is important that you make your decision according to your needs and choose the product that suits your requirements.

If you’d like to share your favorite gas grill model with us, then comment below.